Services to Landlords

City Executive Centres is a property management company that specialise in the set up, managing and marketing of serviced enhanced buildings in partnership with landlords and property owners.

Maximise revenue streams for property partners are achieved by providing flexible tenancy terms and value added services to the buildings’ clients on a premium. Each centre has an onsite management team with City taking full control and responsibility for the whole project.We require specific building types in our target locations. The basic requirements for a City Executive Centre are:

Min 10,000 sq ft
City/Town Centre location in the business district
Parking on site or nearby preferably 1:250

Or, in the case of a NextSpace building:

Min 25,000 st ft
Good parking
Business parks

If you have any questions or for any further information please contact our National Sales Office – Freephone 0800 013 0355 or email [email protected]